Stroud Permaculture Group, Gloucestershire, UK

Permaculture Mandala. Image used with kind permission from Spiralseed.
Permaculture Mandala. Click to enlarge. Image: ©

We are a loose group of people in Stroud, Glos, who are interested in practising and promoting Permaculture.

The Stroud Permaculture Design Course has run very successfully each year since 2012.

As a group we have been gradually coming together since Oct 2010.  We now have about 100 members, who range from people with little or no experience of Permaculture, to people who have been practising or even teaching it for decades.

We somewhat irregularly meet up socially on the last Thursday of the month, or at a weekend.  The main aim is to have  chance to chat about permaculture things, but we sometimes have an activity too.  Members are involved in many community and horticultural projects around Stroud, and we occasionally have work-day type events to help with a particular project.

In 2015 we had a very successful local weekend Permaculture Camp.

To join Stroud Permaculture Group (there is no membership fee) simply email or call 01453 759284.

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