Perming up my garden

Now it’s March suddenly everything feels urgent and the glorious weather has only added to it.

I’ve made a couple of hazel fence panels – nailing ‘foraged’ hazel poles onto cross-braces (mostly of Ash). These will be to replace some old trellis and keep the chickens out of the top bit of garden – the trellis doesn’t do the job! I’m making a mini- (or micro-!) forest garden that will need protecting from their non-stop digging and scraping.

I bought a couple of pear trees and a plum tree from the Agroforestry Research Trust web-site (half price sale!) as well as 2 Solomon’s Seal rhizomes. Solomon’s Seal puts up edible shoots in spring that are supposed to taste a bit like Asparagus. And it’s a nice plant too. The trees are planted but the Solomon’s- seal are in pots to protect them from slugs.