getting the year off to a good start

So, on January 1st 2012, I

  • pruned my soft fruit bushes
  • weeded my nine-month-old asparagus bed (only 15 months to go until first harvest!)
  • transplanted lovely self-sown borage plants – it looks like I’ll have lots of huge borage plants for the bees again this summer
  • harvested a tiny cauliflower
  • …then back at home I learned to use a sewing machine, and set up a Stroud Permaculture Group website

Not a bad day’s work 🙂

– Peter  (maybe members would like to blog on this site about their permaculture activities?  If so, just contact me and I’ll set you up with a username for the site).

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  1. Nice work Peter! If you have any spare borage plants or seeds I would love some. No worries if not, I’m sure some will come my way somehow 🙂

    Thanks for the new website!


  2. This is very good; I like the idea of a weblog.
    Late in December I gained the use of a plot on Cainscross allotment site. It is really good full of very interesting plants, and a greenhouse. If you fancied a gathering one afternoon to share ideas for a possible set of pathways I would be delighted. Let me know.

  3. My fourth little project with the sewing machine had a horticultural twist: making a new cover for an old fleece tunnel. Cut a piece of horticultural fleece the same size as the old cover, sewed channels to slide the wire hoops into, and bingo, good as new!

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