Perming up my garden

At long last I’m putting what I learned on my PDC course to use and have mapped both front and back gardens. I’ll post progress here as the plans come together and hopefully then to fruition. Some major negotiation likely with kids and Karen, but all part of the process!

I’ll be opening my garden for Edible Open Gardens in July organised by Transition Stroud, so have an incentive to at least get some of the way. At the moment the garden is a muddy mess.

Recent jobs have been:

  • making a mulch bed
  • hacking back overgrown honeysuckle and bramble
  • planting olive and calamondin (miniature orange) following Peter’s tip-off about fruit trees in Wilkinsons!
  • pollarding willow (keeping whips to try a bit of basket weaving later!)
  • making a bamboo cane frame for growing against greenhouse (doubling as shade)

When I get round to it I’ll post a few photos as I do stuff. If anyone wants to come and look and/or join in let me know!  – Seb.

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  1. Your garden is wonderful, Seb, so I don’t think you need worry about improving it for Edible Open Gardens! By the way, I edited your post just to add your name at the end of it (this WordPress design leaves off the author’s name which is silly, I must tweak it when I get time). Great that you’ve added a blog post too, I was feeling a bit lonely and self conscious blogging alone here. Reminder to other members – please if you’d like to, start adding your own blog postings here, just email me for a username and password. Peter

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